A few easy steps on how to access your physician from your devices:

What is a TeleVisit?
TeleVisit involves using your phone or smart phone to connect with your physician.

How do I schedule?
Call our office at 231.935.8101 between the hours of 9am – 4pm, Monday – Friday and let the receptionist know you are interested in a TeleVisit.

What do I need for a TeleVisit?
Landline, Cell Phone, Smart Phone, or Computer.

For Smart Phone Users:
Please visit doxy.me to familiarize yourself with the communication platform we will be using to conduct video TeleVisits.

How does it work?
Direct to Patient TeleVisits will be a phone call from the physician to the patient via landline or cell phone.

Video to Patient TeleVisits will be a video call from the physician to the patient using doxy.me.

Please inform the receptionist of your preferred route of communication (email/text message) and provide the correct email address and cell phone number. The video call can take place via smart phone, tablet, or computer as long as there is access to a camera.

Your physician will send you an invitation to the virtual waiting room at the time of your scheduled TeleVisit.

Your TeleVisit will begin and your physician can treat you right from your home!