Are you tired of blurry vision? Ready for a change?

It might be time for cataract surgery! When you get cataract surgery, one of the choices you have to make is what kind of intraocular lens (IOL) you will get. 

Your natural lens is removed during the procedure, removing the cataract formed on it. The intraocular lens replaces your natural lens and allows you to see clearly. 

But not all IOLs are created equal. Some can enhance your vision, helping you see even better than you could before you developed cataracts! But perhaps the most advanced and revolutionary IOL is the Light Adjustable Lens.

The Light Adjustable Lens is the only IOL to give patients customized vision. Keep reading to learn more about how you can achieve the vision you’ve always wanted, thanks to the Light Adjustable Lens

Cataract Surgery and IOLs

IOLs are an extremely crucial piece of the puzzle when undergoing cataract surgery. Without an IOL, you wouldn’t be able to see clearly and would have to wear thick glasses to see, which was the only option in the past.

But there are different kinds of IOLs. The standard option usually covered by insurance along with cataract surgery is a monofocal lens. 

Like a monofocal lens or monofocal contacts, these IOLs can help you see at one set focal point. However, with monofocal IOLs, you’ll still need glasses to see up close or at a distance, depending on which refractive power you have corrected. 

Premium IOLs are different because they cost money out of pocket, but they provide you with better vision and a broader range of vision. Most premium IOLs are also designed to correct presbyopia, so they can help you see better up close, reducing or even eliminating the need for reading glasses. 

Many premium IOLs correct other refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. However, no other IOL provides custom-tailored vision after cataract surgery besides the Light Adjustable Lens!

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens is a premium IOL. It’s implanted in your eye during cataract surgery, just as any other IOL. 

During cataract surgery, after removing your natural lens, the IOL is placed inside the lens capsule to replace it. But unlike other IOLs, the Light Adjustable Lens isn’t “set” yet. 

You’ll wait until your eye has healed a few weeks after cataract surgery before it’s adjusted to correct your vision to your specific and unique specifications. No other IOL can be adjusted to fit your post-surgical vision. 

With other IOLs, your surgeon must make certain assumptions about your vision to choose the right refractive power for your IOL. But they can’t know for certain how your eyesight may change after the procedure. 

Getting an accurate read on your prescription can also be challenging when you still have cataracts. Most premium IOLs can still significantly improve your vision, but it’s not the same as the way that the Light Adjustable Lens can. 

There’s no guesswork with the Light Adjustable Lens. It’s adjusted to your vision after cataract surgery, ensuring the utmost precision for your cataract surgeon. The result: perfectly tailored vision that you can enjoy for years to come! 

How the Light Adjustable Lens Works 

When you get the Light Adjustable Lens during cataract surgery, you have to wait for your eyes to heal. Then, after a few weeks, you’ll visit your ophthalmologist at Traverse City Eye to have your first adjustment of the Light Adjustable Lens. 

The lens is made from a unique photosensitive material that allows it to change shape. Changing its shape allows it to modify its refractive power when exposed to UV light. 

Your eye doctor will use a Light Delivery Device (LDD) to adjust the Light Adjustable Lens. They use the Light Delivery Device to shine UV light into your eye to alter the shape of the lens. 

Most patients need three treatment sessions to get their vision where they want it to be. Once you’ve gotten to this point, you’ll need to have your vision locked into place.

After each adjustment, you can test your vision to ensure it’s what you want. Treatment sessions take about 90 seconds, and the Light Delivery Device is non-invasive. 

After your final treatment, you’ll be able to enjoy your new vision!

No Visual Aberrations

The Light Adjustable Lens doesn’t just provide customizable vision. It also reduces the risk of visual aberrations. 

Other premium IOLs can improve your vision, but some can cause visual errors due to imperfections in the lens material. One of the more common aberrations some premium IOLs can cause is glare from light sources, especially at night. 

But this is less of an issue thanks to the special material the Light Adjustable Lens is made of. As a result, the Light Adjustable Lens gives you better vision than you’d achieve with other premium IOLs. 

It also doesn’t carry the same risk for these visual errors. You’ll be able to see better than ever, night and day!

Light Adjustable Lens Candidates

Most cataract surgery patients make good candidates for the Light Adjustable Lens. The Light Adjustable Lens is especially beneficial for patients with pre-existing refractive errors and presbyopia. 

The Light Adjustable Lens can correct astigmatism greater than 0.75 diopters, making it an excellent alternative to a toric lens, which may not be as precise.

Remember that you must wear protective glasses after cataract surgery to prevent the Light Adjustable Lens from changing shape before your Light Delivery Device treatments. You must wear these glasses during all waking hours unless you’re sleeping, washing your face, or showering. 

After you’ve completed your final treatment, you’ll no longer need to wear the protective glasses. The only way to find out if you’re a good candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens is to schedule a consultation. 

Are you ready to change your life for the better? Schedule your consultation at Traverse City Eye in Traverse City, MI, now! What do you have to lose except poor vision?