Do you need cataract surgery? One of the crucial parts of the procedure is choosing an IOL or intraocular lens.

The IOL replaces your natural lens and lets you see clearly after cataract surgery. However, not all IOLs are the same, meaning they can accomplish different things regarding your vision. 

Some are premium IOLs, meaning they significantly improve your vision. Some premium IOLs help you see better than you could before you had cataracts. 

Standard IOLs are monofocals that can help you see well at only one distance. But premium IOLs can help you see more clearly at multiple distances, reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses. 

One of these advanced IOLs is the Vivity IOL, which could be the perfect IOL for you! Keep reading to learn about 6 signs you could benefit from the Vivity IOL during cataract surgery!

How the Vivity IOL Works

The Vivity IOL is a multifocal lens, but there’s more to it than that. Traditional multifocal lenses consist of rings extending from the lens’s center. 

The rings alternate between two refractive powers. The first is for seeing up close, and the second is for seeing things further away at a distance. 

Having alternating rings allows your eyes to see well both up close and far away as they learn to look through the part of the lens that best helps you see. However, traditional multifocal IOLs come with some downsides. 

Most multifocal IOLs are diffractive, meaning light splits over the lens and can cause visual aberrations. This is because the division between the rings isn’t blended together. 

However, the Vivity IOL is made with advanced, proprietary X-wave technology, making it non-diffractive. Because of this, the Vivity IOL creates blended sections that transition between each refractive power. 

With the Vivity IOL, you’ll be able to see well, not just up close and far away but also between those distances. The Vivity IOL is also an extended depth of focus (EDOF) lens, meaning you have a continuous and extended range of vision.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing the Vivity IOL. Are you wondering if the Vivity IOL could be the right IOL for you? Here are some signs that you, like many other cataract surgery patients, could benefit from the Vivity IOL:

You Want Better Vision at All Distances

With the Vivity IOL, you’ll be able to see well not just up close and at a distance but also at all the distances between. The design of the Vivity IOL gives it an extended depth of focus, allowing clearer vision at any focal point within a set range. 

That means you’ll be able to see clearly when looking at virtually any distance! Whether you spend time working on the computer, love baking with your grandchildren, or prefer reading on your porch, there are endless possibilities when you can see better at all distances.

You Look at Screens a Lot for Work or Recreation 

Not all IOLs are suitable for looking at screens. Screens are best viewed at arm’s length, as being too close can cause eye strain and other harmful side effects. IOLs that help you see best up close inadvertently encourage you to sit too close to the screen. 

But since the Vivity IOL can help you see clearly at intermediate distances, it’s easier to use screens safely. The Vivity IOL is also designed with a blue light filter, which further reduces the harmful side effects of prolonged screen use!

You Want Added Protection Against UV Rays

In addition to a blue light filter, the Vivity IOL has built-in protection against UV rays. Damage from sunlight can increase your chances of developing eye conditions and may lead to the earlier development of cataracts. 

Any added protection against harmful UV radiation is a tremendous benefit. Even if you choose the Vivity IOL, you should still wear sunglasses, but the added protection will keep your eyes safer if you participate in outdoor activities!

You’re Concerned About Visual Aberrations

Because the Vivity IOL is non-diffractive, light doesn’t split over the lens. Instead, it bends around it. 

That means fewer visual aberrations. Some premium IOLs, particularly other multifocal lenses, can cause glare and starbursts from light, especially at night. 

The Vivity IOL significantly reduces the risk of experiencing these visual problems, so you’ll have fantastic vision day and night! 

You Want More Independence

The Vivity IOL can reduce your dependency on glasses and contact lenses. It gives you clear vision at a wide range of distances, so you’ll be able to see well most of the time. The Vivity IOL can help you be more active by providing you freedom from visual aids and giving you your best vision ever after cataract surgery!

You Don’t Mind Using Reading Glasses Occasionally

While the Vivity IOL gives you great vision up close, some patients still need reading glasses occasionally for particularly fine focus tasks, like reading small print. Most patients are still less dependent on prescription glasses and reading glasses, but having the right expectations before choosing your IOL is essential. 

You’re still likely to use your reading glasses much less frequently, so as long as you don’t mind still keeping them on hand, the Vivity IOL could be a great IOL for you!

You Want Your Astigmatism Corrected

The Vivity IOL comes in a toric model, meaning you can still choose it to correct astigmatism during cataract surgery. Regular toric lenses are monofocal lenses, but if you get a toric Vivity lens, you’ll have all the benefits of the Vivity IOL and astigmatism correction! 

Are you ready for better vision? Find out more about the Vivity IOL by requesting a cataract consultation at Traverse City Eye in Traverse City, MI, today! Why wait to experience a world of possibility and clearer sight?