Do your cataracts make it hard to do the things you love, like exploring the outdoors? Cataracts can significantly affect your vision as they develop. 

Many people with advanced cataracts struggle to do basic tasks and find themselves socially isolated due to their vision. But there’s good news: you can regain your ability to see clearly by having cataract surgery. You’ll get your sight and your life back!

Cataract surgery is an easy, low-risk procedure that can turn your life around by giving you clear vision again. If you’re an avid hiker or love the outdoors, you can look forward to getting back out there after cataract surgery. 

When you get cataract surgery at Traverse City Eye, you can look forward to hiking at some of the best places in Traverse City! Keep reading to learn about 5 of the best places to hike in Traverse City after cataract surgery!

1. Traverse Area Recreation Trail

The Traverse Area Recreation Trail, affectionately nicknamed TART, is a 10.5-mile paved transportation corridor that connects to other trails as well as the beach and Downtown Traverse City, making it easy to access all kinds of shopping and dining options. 

When you have cataract surgery, your vision will improve quickly, and recovery is fast. There isn’t a lengthy recovery period, meaning you won’t have to heal in bed for days. 

The healing time after cataract surgery isn’t long, with most patients able to return to many of their usual activities and tasks the day after the procedure. Discomfort after cataract surgery is minimal, allowing you to comfortably get out to test your new vision not long after having the procedure. 

On the TART, you have so many options, whether you want to go shopping, have a light afternoon walk, or a challenging (but rewarding!) hike. The best part, of course, is you can hike while seeing clearly and not worrying about cataracts getting in your way.

2. Boardman Lake Loop Trail

Located right off of TART, the Boardman Lake Loop Trail is a four-mile trail that, as the name suggests, loops around beautiful Boardman Lake. It’s a great trail if you want an easy hike while still feeling like you’re getting your steps in. 

It’s also perfect to try after your cataract surgery. You’ll be able to see the beautiful lakeside like never before, and you can actually enjoy the views while taking a leisurely stroll. 

3. Leelanau Trail

Leelanau Trail, also located right off TART, is a scenic bike trail. On this trail, you’ll pass picturesque cherry orchards and vineyards. 

It’s a great place to ride your bike, especially if it has been a while since you last went biking. If your cataracts have made it hard to go biking or hiking, you can celebrate your clear vision after cataract surgery by biking on the perfect bike trail right here in Traverse City!

4. Muncie Lakes Pathway

The Muncie Lakes Pathway is a 9.8-mile trail system around Muncie Lake. It contains hiking trails, mountain bike trails, and even equestrian trails. When it snows, some of the mountain bike trails turn into the perfect trails for Nordic skiing, complete with tracks!

There’s something for everyone on the Muncie Lakes Pathway, whether you’re a hiker or horseback rider. Whether you’re trying something new or getting back into a favorite hobby, having cataract surgery will help make the experience so much more special. 

Not only will you be able to see again without cataracts, but you may be able to see even better than you could before you ever got cataracts!

You can choose a premium IOL or intraocular lens when you get cataract surgery. These are artificial lenses that replace your natural lens during cataract surgery. 

The IOL you choose ensures you can see clearly after cataract surgery. Premium IOLs are more advanced than standard monofocal IOLs and allow you to see even better. 

They’re also great for active patients, so if you want the most of your hiking, biking, skiing, or horseback riding, a premium IOL may be the way to go! One of the advantages of these premium IOLs that many patients love is that they can reduce your dependence on visual aids. 

Hiking is always better when you don’t have to contend with glasses or contact lenses!

5. Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area

The Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area is a 140-acre park with scenic vistas, from wetlands to meadows to streams and hillsides. There are also plenty of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing! 

After cataract surgery, you’ll be able to do so much more. You’ll be able to choose what you want to do and where you want to go because your vision will no longer be something holding you back.

After cataract surgery, you can regain your independence and autonomy. The procedure completely removes your cataracts so you can see again without anything getting in the way. 

Tackle whatever trail catches your interest, and with your restored vision, really take in all of nature’s beauty. Getting cataract surgery will make hiking so much more enjoyable. 

But more than that, it’ll improve your life in every way. If you also get a premium IOL during cataract surgery, the procedure could mean the best vision of your life. That could be life-changing in a million ways! 

Are you ready to change your life? Take the first step by requesting your cataract consultation at Traverse City Eye in Traverse City, MI!