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Contact Lenses at Traverse City Eye Exams, The Latest Contacts, Prescription Colored Contact Lenses and Much More

You deserve correct fitting contact lenses so you have the best vision possible. And that’s what you’ll receive at Traverse City Eye, serving sll of Northern Michigan.Our practice specializes in helping those who never thought they could enjoy the comfort and freedom of wearing contact lens. We also provide follow-up contact lens care to ensure you continue to have the best fitting contact lenses in the right prescription strength.

  • Brand Names
    • Alcon®
    • Johnson & Johnson Vision/Acuvue®
    • Bausch + Lomb®
    • CooperVision®
  • Daily and Reuable Contact Lens
  • Visibility Tinted Soft Contact Lenses
  • Non-Prescription Colored Contacts
  • Prescription Colored Contacts
  • Contacts for Dry Eyes
  • Contact for Astigmatism
  • Contact Lenses Designed for Digital Lifestyles
  • Contacts with Higher Water Content & Class 1 UV Protection
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses
  • Much More
  • Support for Eyes with Sensitivities

    TC Eye has specialty contact lenses designed for people prone to sensitivity, irritation or allergies. By keeping moisture in and irritation out, they are designed to help with comfort.

  • Performance in Challenging Environments

    For some individuals, the environment places added stress on their eyes. From a long day spent in front of digital devices to exposure to dry or dusty conditions, we fit contacts that were created to help keep comfort going all day long.

  • Eye Enhancement

    If you want to amp up the natural beauty of their eye, there are contact lenses that add definition and brightness to the eye. They bring sparkle and shine without giving up on comfort.

  • Maximized Wear

    These contact lenses can keep up with long hours. They provide minimal lens awareness – whether for long days or throughout the month.

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