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The artificial replacement lens used to replace your cataracts is called an intraocular lens or I-O-L for short. These IOLs are smaller than a penny and are highly advanced medical devices that are designed to mimic your natural crystalline lens.

Standard and Advanced Technology Lenses are offered at Traverse City Eye including Alcon, Johnson and Johnson, and Bauch and Lomb, and now the all-new RxSight Light Adjustable Lens. TC Eye also offers the options of laser cataract surgery and dropless cataract surgery as well as glaucoma treatment at the time of cataract surgery. Different types of implantable lenses are designed to meet a patient’s individual eye health and lifestyle needs. Be sure to talk to your TC Eye surgeon about all of your options, but here is some additional information for you.

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Secondary Cataract Laser Surgery

Once cataracts are removed, they can not return although a film (called a posterior capsule opacification) behind the newly implanted lens can develop and make your vision cloudy again. This condition is common and is easily treated by our doctors using a YAG laser to painlessly and quickly restore your vision to as crisp as it was following cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery is considered one of the safest surgical procedures in the United States. However, some common risks are infection; inflammation; tearing of the posterior capsule of your lens; visual effects like seeing halos around lights, glare; leaking from the incision; secondary cataracts (cells growing on the new lens) or cystoid macular edema (swelling). Your TC Eye surgeon will discuss your specific needs and risks, based on the current condition of your eyes, before your surgery is scheduled.

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